Treating Sciatica With Essential Oils

Today is national allergy awareness month and if you think your allergies are worse this year you are right. The pollen count is higher than usual. There are plenty of medications to choose from to help you out but you may not want to take the drugs and you may want a natural alternative instead with fewer side effects. This morning Dr. Roger Sahoury, a chiropractor and wellness expert is here from Above and Beyond Holistic Wellness Center in Paramus to show us some simple home remedies for common allergies that can alleviate some of the sniffling and the sneezing. What are the benefits of natural.

Remedies Natural remedies are great, right What’s going on is our immune system is really overreacting whenever we have allergies so you really want to bring that into control. The first thing that you would do, of course, is always take a look at how well is your nervous system running and your immune system. As far as giving it some lifestyle support one of the great things to do is a natural antihistamine that we have over there. That natural antihistamine is contains some quercetin in there which is a natural antihistamine because your immune.

System is releasing histamines when you have an allergen. Got you. Okay. Then you also want to have. It really works well when you have Bromelain in there which also has antiinflammatory properties. You also see it in pineapples, for example. As far as boosting up the immune system, vitamin D, vitamin A, Zinc, that’s really good especially if you have an essential oil like an oregano oil. That works really well to boost up the immune system. In addition to all of these simple things you could do with your diet could help. What.

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Are some of those You want things that are going to boost up your immune system and keep your immune system strong. Eating things like garlic would be a great thing. Onions would be great. Having fruits like berries or grapes would really be beneficial during this time. Things for the sinuses would also be like hot peppers. That would really be well as well to help you with the sinus pathway. Then essential oils are also really good. Essential oils, like which ones I like. There’s a trio that we like. The trio would be doing lemon, lavender and pepper.

You see over here that I have coconut oil so you can use that as a chest rub. You take a little bit of the coconut oil, you take a drop or two of the lemon, peppermint and the lavender. You mix it together and you put it on the chest. You can even put it on your cheeks or your sinus pathway. It really helps. Then eucalyptus is another great one where you put it in hot steaming water. You put a towel over your head and you just inhale.

That in. Even using a diffuser and putting these essential oils in there really helpful. What are some common things you could do to maybe clean up your home to help you Great question. A HEPA filter is always ideal. That’s going to help with the particles in the air. Number two would be to wrap your mattress with a plastic airtight cover. Number three would be if you could remove the carpets that would be great because they’re dust catchers. If you also have a dog, an animal, you want to wipe them down with a wet cloth. Even your.

Furniture as well because they will catch dust. When people think allergies they don’t immediately think chiropractor. What do you. If you go to your office what do you do That’s really the first thing that we’re always taking a look at first. We’re going to use an electrode infrared diagnostic imaging test and we’re going to see if we have any interference in that nervous system. If you do, we’re going to remove that interference and allow your innate potential to function at it’s best. Doctor thank you so much for coming in and for the tips. We appreciate it.

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