Unknown Cause Of Sciatica

Hi everyone welcome to my channel my name is Kassandra and I’m super excited about today’s tutorial so we’re looking to break down the lunge pose or anjaneyasana we will be looking at two different ways of doing the pose and I have to say hands down lunge is my alltime favorite pose. more than any other pose in my yoga practice the lunge has really greatly improved my posture overall and it has removed some of my lower back pain that I experienced for years and years and it’s just an allaround fantastic pose and i really.

Wanna share it with you and show you how to do it properly and safely so let’s start with the first variation first variation is without having your me on the ground so your high lunge standing at the top of the mat we’ll start with the feet hip width distance apart with your regular mountain stance variation you’re lengthening your tailbone down towards the earth keeping your abdominals engaged and let’s start with our right leg first so step your right toes back about three or four feet so the width will vary depending on how tall you are.

Keep your feet hip width distance apart from here then we’re sinking into the left knee letting your hips drop down low almost as if you want to get your left thigh parallel towards the mat high on the ball of your right toes so generally this pose is taught with the straight back leg but to be honest that doesn’t really work for everyone so if you find that by having a straight back leg your tilting your pelvis forward and causing this huge curve in your lower back pretty much like what I have now.

That’s how you know that you need to keep a little bit of a bend in your back knee so immediately if you see the moment I start to bend my knee I’m able to scoop my tailbone under and keep my hips directly underneath my shoulders so I have really nice alignment through the pelvis and through the lower back so what’s happening in these types of poses for one thing you should already be feeling quite a deep stretch through your psoas so through the right side love your right hip flexor.

And at the same time I’m really strengthening my quads and we have quite a few variation with the arms here so traditionally you might be used to doing it with both arms up shoulders relaxed down and away from the ears so let’s just stay here for about three more breaths really focusing on dropping the hips down low,scooping the tailbone under keeping a little bit of a bend through that back knee and maybe even here see if you can lift all five toes from your left foot so that you’re not relying on your toes to grip into the mat for balance.

Keep your chest lifted shoulders relaxed let’s take one more inhale here and then exhale hands on your hips step back to the top of the mat and shake it out release it. so already just now holding that pose for little whileyou should feel a little bit stronger through the left side of your glutes through your quads and a little bit longer to your right hip flexors so let’s go into a second variation in that same type of high lunge we’ll do the other side just to kind of balance out. Feet are hip width distance.

Apart bend into your right knee and step your left toes behind this time so same conditions apply I’m high on the ball about back left toes. I’m personally choosing to scoop my tailbone under and that mean I need to bend my knee just a little bit more so I stay really long through the lower back here I’m still bending deeply into my right knee trying to get my right thigh parallel towards the earth may be lifting five toes off of the mat here as well but this time instead of being up high I’m going to drop both palms down onto.

The mat and if your fingertips so quite make it down to the ground you can always use a block or two to get a little bit more height. wherever you are here we’re focusing on the think things were reaching our heart forward keeping the back of the neck long also you might just be looking down a couple inches here and the challenge in this pose it’s a little bit different than when we have our arms up so we have a little bit more support through upper body supporting us up but we get to sink our hips down a.

Little bit lower and newly tune into those hip flexor is so what’s muscle and get a little bit a bit deeper stretch so while you’re here keep pressing into your back heel and make sure that you’re right all does not come past your right ankle at most to write a 90 degree angle after a lot of people in a post like this you might notice that you’re right her left hip start to open up see if you can keep both rolling down so that both hips are pointing towards the top.

At the apt and if you’re fingers get a comparable like mine do just make some this it’s a little bit more supportive so let’s just take a few breaths here take one more deep inhale and then released and Scottish that both holes batter so getting into low lunch this time this is by far my favorite variation at the polls it’s the variation like it’s the deepest into your hip flexor is so therefore it’s the one that’s had the most impact in lengthening my tailbone down in relieving lower back pain.

So I’ll show you how to get into it it’s fairly simple starting from a tabletop polls let’s go ahead and set my left foot forward in between our parts make sure your feet I hope with this is a part here and fans back here for a few drops I don’t really liked hi Maibach cool I’m just gonna roll my my under and drop that right all down to not and thinking you look or your curling your tailbone down and dropping your hips without letting your left knee call pastor ankle in any.

Way the same two variations with the arms apply so let’s go into the first one exactly like we did with our first lunch which in both arms up towards the sky you’re dropping your shoulders down and lifting your chest up I so if you’re like me and you have that really excessive lower back her you’re gonna come into the pot into this post and you gonna sink down really low and you’re gonna let everything stakeout and once again will have very painful curve into your lower back.

You want to avoid that as much as you can so I know I personally have to learn to back out my lunches and not go to my full flexibility capacity instead of focusing on how deep and how low I can let my hips think down I lift myself out at the polls I curl my tailbone understand that my lower back is nice long and flocked I suck my lower abdominals in so that everything has a lot of integrity and while keeping this integrity then and only then do I start to think my hips.

Down lower and the truth is that once everything is kept in line here you might not go that low and that’s fine and he should be able to feel really deep shush the right hip flexor is here all the while strengthening your group and shaping your quads who outside and then from here you can reach both arms up towards the sky take a few breaths and just enjoy the polls enjoy the stretch something about all the way down to your right taxers then exhale bring both palms down stop.

Left of what your tabletop holes and let’s go to our lots variation on the other side so very simple step your right foot forward between your palms your head but this is part go ahead and pat your lucky down and this time I’ll instead of lifting both arms up we’re going to keep our finger tips that wants the marked so find a way for you to be comfortable here the advantage having your fingertips and palms down onto the mount is that it’s much much much easier to stay long through lower.

Anytime you’re lifting your chest up you have that great opportunity that’s not by great for you actually to tip your pelvis forward and cost pressure to lower back so by keeping your head thinking II slow and your chest leaning forward you’re able to get one long line are the comp your head all the way down into your tailbone so it’s just hold here for a few bats I personally find this variation not to stretch as deeply through the complex is the other one does but it is a little bit.

Safer from my Lord Bach so it’s a better alternative when they need a more restored oppression at the polls fascistic 2 baths here and slowly stuck at a bit and there you have it so those are four different variations among genius an hour cross that line your lunch Highlands runners line just how so many names as polls but basically it all doing the same thing your strengthening your quads and lengthening the hip flexor is so awesome us all I hope you enjoyed this tutorial I hope it helps to clarify the polls just a.

Yin Yoga for Neck, Shoulder Upper Back Tension Relief

Hi everyone welcome to my channel my name is Kassandra and today’s practice will be a yin yoga class focusing on neck upper back and shoulder tension relief please make sure you have two blocks handy we’ll start in a comfortable cross legged seated position connecting with the breath by inhaling and exhaling out through the nose relaxing both shoulders down and away from the ears and just taking a moment to get centered here tune into your body noticing where you’re holding tension when you’re ready start to drop your right ear towards you.

Right shoulder you might feel a little bit of a stretch to the left side of your neck here if you’d like to intensify the stretch you can reach your left fingertips down onto the mat and crawl them over towards the left see if you can keep your chin up high here and if you’d like to intensify the stretch even more you can use your right palm the lightly press down over the top of your head if this is too much just come back to the other variation.

You want to move very slowly and be very careful as the neck can be very sensitive let’s take another five deep belly breaths right here in this pose and for these last few moments let’s start to tuck the chin in towards the chest. So this should send the stretch more towards the back of your neck and starting to go down towards the shoulder blades. Take three more deep breaths, breathing into the sensation and lets release this side gently lifting the head back to center when you’re ready we’ll go and explore the second side so this time you’ll be.

Dropping your left ear toward your left shoulder move slowly and carefully here don’t go into the final variation of the pose just yet take the time to explore them breathe into the right side of your neck and if it feels appropriate for your body today you can reach your right fingertips down onto the mat crawling them over towards the right get a little bit deeper and your last option here is to also use your left palm to lightly press down on the top of your head we’re not applying too much pressure here.

Make sure you’re still sitting up nice and tall. let’s take five breaths in this pose lets start to tuck the chin in towards the chest once again sending stretch more towards the back of the neck and down towards the shoulder blades let’s release the pose, bringing head back to center coming into a tabletop pose onto hands and knees we’ll be setting up for puppy pose so please make sure your hips stay directly over top of your knees and then you can start to walk your palms forward as you drop your chest in your forehead either directly down onto the.

Mat if you can’t quite make it you can always place a block directly underneath your forehead make sure you’re not causing your lower back to sway here so you will need to keep your abdominals slightly engages so that the lower back stays nice and long we’re trying to get the stretch to come in throughout the shoulder girdle and between the shoulder blades so start to melt your heart down towards the mat taking deep breaths and really feeling the ribs spread from side to side and front to back.

Although your palms are forward you don’t want to have your shoulders hiked up all the way towards your ears so see if you can roll your shoulders down and away from your ears so that your neck has plenty of space and we’ll take five to 10 deep breaths in this pose. softening through the upper back while staying strong through the belly take your time as you start to come out of the pose coming back onto hands and knees crossing you’re right thigh over your left stacking you’re right knee directly over top.

Left so getting a little bit deeper into the hips here right arm rises up overhead bend at the elbow and maybe just use your left palm to press that elbow back if you’d like to intensify this stretch you can reach around with your left fingertips and clasp your hands behind your back make sure you not leaning your head forward here you want to stay sitting up nice and tall stay sitting down on both sits bones and no matter which variation you’re choosing you want to keep pressing that.

Right elbow back to get deep into the triceps wherever you feel the sensation most that’s where you want to see your breath deep breaths lets release the arms. keep your legs exactly as they are we’re going to come into in Eagle variation with the upper body so you’ll be crossing you’re right arm underneath your left hooking at the wrists and from here you want to lift your elbows up roll your shoulders down and away from the ears sit up tall or move into a forward fold elbows will go in front of your knees if the floors a little bit too far away for.

You you don’t need to go all the way down you can always lower onto your thighs, a block stay or stay sitting up high we’re trying to stretch throughout the upper back in between the shoulder blades little bit throughout the biceps while stretch here take 5 more deep breaths right here in this pose engage the belly as you lift all the way back up release the arms bring your palms in behind you uncross the legs and were just going to do a couple windshield wiper motions with the.

Knees just to reset the lower back so just alternate between dropping your knees over to one side and then over to the next when you’re ready we’ll go do the same thing on the other side so this time you’re stacking your left knee directly over top of your right and on an inhale left arm reaches up towards the sky bending at the left home though use your right com lightly presses back start this very she pursed if you’d like to go deeper you can feature right fingertips down in class care fingers behind your back.

The new remember that we’re trying to set up nice and tall here in really feel a broadening through the upper body you might be feeling a fairly intense sensation through Google hips due to the cross the legs if that’s the case see if you can use your breath to help alleviate some tension mealy send in your prime home the way down into your lower body along those muscles to relax just a little bit more of 0 in let’s command the Eagle arms variations sur releasing your palms this time left.

Army go underneath your rights binding once or twice either choose to stay setting up tall here or come forward into your hold 0 hubbell’s can rest on your knees on the block go all the way down to the ground wherever you are and make sure your understands that allows you to relax your hand and relax your neck ok make sure your hallways reminding your shoulders to roll down in a week from your ears 0 0 were here her about five min baths of gently start to look at yourself out of the poems.

0 bring your palms back down onto the mat on crossing your legs and once again doing that windshield wiper motion dropping these on one side and on to the next I’m sure we’ll be coming back onto her hands and knees to another cup goals the different variations time please grab your blocks place them along the sugar and ship your mount on their lowest level answer to lower your elbows down onto the books keeping your hips directly over top of your needs pressing your palms together concerning your palms.

Behind your neck so that your fingertips are pointing towards her tail you’ll know right away the stretch is too intense for you if that’s the case move the blocks and a kuwaiti place your elbows directly down onto the nut to do the same polls bring your palms together and sending them towards the back of your neck going up on the blocks will just make the stretch a little bit more intense to the triceps again remember that we’re keeping the belly slightly firms here so that the lower back stays nice.

Long 0 0 come back to your BRE of and start melting your heart down towards the Mertz of 0 your forehead me for me not to be touching the ground 0 0 good of 0 remember that this is your practice new yet to decide when you come in out polls remember to listen to your body into actions best for you its police palms back to mount months chilton let yourself back up uncertain of the blocks outoftheway making your way all the way down to your belly come to give a little bit more attention to the front body set up for spinks.

Polls bringing your four rooms down to the uh about shoulder with this is a part and you get to decide how deep you go into the stack and so if you’re feeling intention your work all you need to do is walk your calls forward so there’s less of an angle here and instead of focusing about how high up you can get just think lengthen your spine really lean your heart schoolrooms relaxing your shoulders down in a week from your years lately hugging your shoulder blades behind your back 0.

Tailbone is lengthening towards your heels how this is grounded downloaded from a and just enjoy this gentle polls for humour breaths taking deep breaths into the front to the body directly into the heart and know that you can adjust the schools and anytime either by walking your elbows in are sliding them forward to reduce the intensity the 0 0 it 0 0 0 0 in 0 0 tumor paths of I’ll and slowly start to soften down press your way back up onto his knees and will be coming into a long lunch.

Whose so something your right foot in between your palms the top in the match pat your left me maybe by double paramount for sending it down come on in when you have your balance here and we’ll be reaching right left arm across her body using your right palm sure of that arm in close it worse a chance so you should be feeling he could stretch to your left shoulder make sure that left shoulder is pressing down towards the ground and start by slowly allowing your ships to see.

Town so we’re in teaching the boxers so lasts cause it’s just a little bit stretches well you want to avoid a sweep accurate swells keep curling your Tillman staying long through the lower book integrity through the palace of bring your palms back onto Hwy will call has been switched sides so this time will be stepping your left foot forward to the top the map trading your right knee income on up when you’re ready this time you’re right arm will each cross your body using your left home to try and include.

Remember to roll out right shoulder down a phenomenal seen qichen here 0 and see if you can focus your breath was a back body here in between the shoulder blades the new along the spine up and of 0 0 0 of 0 0 0 0 let’s release homes back down the moms come through to your table top holes unwind your if you have that variations will be sending a prince but the needle so swing your left arm through so that you can comfortably rest your left shoulder and left here.

Either downed McTear force a little bit too far away can always rest your head down around two o’clock right palm can see down mark firmly pressing into the ground are you can rest your right palm onto your lower of so there’s a little bit but twisting actions here as you press your belly button tortures fine and roll your right shoulder to hem in the week year 0 try to call as little weight intention is each and Internet of deep belly breaths as he settles into this polls.

Of in in 0 of if your palms behind your back please bring it back down onto them take your time is to come back up through to your table top position and we’ll prepare for the second side but before let’s take a few rounds at Catton cow so as you exhale around your spine curl tail bone under and on the email trail the belly left the key school till up squeeze your shoulder pleats behind your back one more round exhale around your spine chin to chest elbow city streets on the in jail.

Drop the belly lift the gays slightly I’ll hmm let’s come back to neutral swinging you’re right arm down lowering right shoulder great year either onto the man term 2 o’clock shoes if you prefer to keep your left palm down onto the mount she’d like to intensify the sensation you can rest your left palm culture lover pock in Munich work rolling back left shoulder down in the week you’re here 0 your hips are staying hy Apple rules here icing belly button to spine 0 0 0 0 0 although we’ve done this.

On for site already this site might feel like a brand new experience that’s okay try not to focus too much on the differences on one side and the other and instead see thinkin simply enjoy the experience without trying to teen a call or reach certain homes whatever she your body is in right now is the perfect she great at the moment I’ll stay committed to the present moment stay within your body keep proving being deeply of step to bring your left home back down onto the mom.

Slow yes you come back up on small homes and you want to grab your crops people you simple blocks to come to support it ish holds one long local behind your upper took in between shoulder blades on the lowest or midlevel the second block will go to directly underneath her head also on the most for me double easy so down on the blocks should be blown tension in your lower back here if you feel and pinching either but the block on the lowest level slime block her.

Up towards your head block be too low you can choose to keep your life strange here but if you look a little bit with temple coming same time you can come into a butterfly she lanes green slows the into touched and allowing police to call of arms can go away and is more comfortable to you I mean a scary she can be change cool firm support her head but it puts too intense to the its shoulder girdle just keep your arms a month thank you bombing and we are here.

Permitted in her up for two minutes so you have the time to claim round the school is niece England find what works best for you when you do going to be me she numbers from your body seeking teens the still just he on reading deeply 1896 and she the I’m on allowing your Rams spread from side to side King mean long spine will not sit down lunch locks moving your hips be happy 0 just loving slowrelease cool down sports tier the new enjoying at the moment 0.

0 0 0 0 0 0 take 10 more slow deep valley spray hearings homes 0 of of in in of good of then in of in in in in in 0 let’s come up in the polls thinkers bringing step towards each other may be talking sheen towards your chest so we can rule purse law propping your subculture forms to the other block me online on the way down to bounce will be setting up her spinal twist so opening at the right knee will be bringing your right knee.

Colbert what’s the lapd me using your left palm like pressed down where you’re right hi reach your right are out see you could be the press your right shoulder blade down into the apt because this is a twist still want to keep hugging your belly button Ind mortuary spine so that your lower abdominals are hugging even and bull colin powell’s piecing up towards ceiling getting a little bit deeper into twist 0 notice if you press becomes a little short or shallow use turkey twist we want to avoid.

From happening so she una that’s the case it probably just means that you was that a little bit too hard eat to back out homes always remember that your press issue guy that will tell you whether not you concur deeper to pull out certain homes I’ll analysts say here about numbers tenors home the billy graham’s 0 0 0 0 in good in of its release and come back to center for setting up for the second side so this time will be pending at the lapd he and green.

Her towards the right side of your body may be using your buy palm like me i sat down x10 you left arm down onto the ground really increasing your left shoulder blade down into the earth’s in keep your chest facing up towards the sky maybe allow the eyes to close the supreme focused inward to back into your path can stay here her needs of of of in in in of of in the of in the in in it least this twist incumbent should last night are final St homes funny comfortable position.

Your body to rest may be extending both legs bull I’m sound palms PC what’s a skyline compact with her press is natural to you and Joost enjoy the peace few moments complete stillness rules times my of in of in of good of thank you so much for doing this class with Pete me I’m really do hope you enjoyed it please make sure to subscribe to my channel like this tutorial and leave a comment really does mean so much to me thank you so much namaste a in.

Yoga for Your Feet Yoga Poses to Relieve Foot and Ankle Tension

Hi guys welcome to my channel my name is Kassandra and today I’ll show you three simple stretches and things that you can do to alleviate discomfort through the feet and ankles so for our first stretch you’ll need to come into a kneeling pose and will focus on the back the feet the sole of the foot first so from this kneeling stance it’s really simple you’re just curling your toes under dropping the toes down onto the mat and then from here you’re working at sitting your hips down on.

To your heels so I suggest if you are really tight you’re gonna start feeling this immediately especially if you wear heels or anything like that so start with your weight forward maybe keep your fingertips down onto the mat and gradually start to walk your palms and hands back in until you can comfortably sit over your heels and try to keep your ankles directly over your toes directly underneath your help so that everything is in line and just see if you can take a few breaths exactly in this stance and.

This can be really really intense for some people so it should never be painful but it should be sensational so back out that anytime that it doesn’t feel appropriate for your body notice that the toes was kinda wanna grip into the mat for support or to get you out of the pose see if you can keep him relaxed just keep your feet soft just take deep breaths its in and out through the noes all the way down into the belly let your weight sink in and if you haven’t already started.

Your palms back out in front and you let’s curl our toes back out and then drop the tops of your feet back down onto the mat and we’ll come into our second stretch so from here your kneeling as well but this time you’re sitting on top of your heels top up your foot is down on the mat and that’s where we’re gonna be looking to stretch here at first you’re just walking your palms back behind you and make sure your curling your tailbone under here. keep your knees about hip width.

Distance this is apart and as you go back you’ll start to be able to lift your knees off of the mat and an already just by lifting them a couple inches you should be feeling a pretty good stretch to the top of the feet so just stay here and you can work at keeping your knees together some people will prefer to have them about hip width distance apart or maybe even mat width just play with what works for you make sure that you’re keeping integrity through the pelvis.

Through the lower back then you’re only using a little bit of arm strength and there is a more advanced way to do this post by integrating a little bit more your abdominals to hold your balance in which case you’re reaching your palms out in front of you and instead of keeping them behind your bracing your knees trying to keep your weight centered and maybe even gently pulling on the knees to lean a little bit further back this is about as back as I can go slowly release it back down.

This time bring your ankles out sit back onto your sits bones let’s take a butterfly pose so bring the soles of the feet to touch let your knees fall apart and from this butterfly shape it’s really simple I usually just use this as an opportunity to actually massage my feet I find that the side the sole of my foot is where it gets I the most tense and where I feel tension the most so it’s worth it to just take a few breaths to massage the area and you may.

Find that you are really sensitive and that’s okay, just go lightly feel it out and you can always even use a rubber ball to roll underneath your feet to get really really deep into the fascia and into the connective tissue and that’s it. that feels pretty good so those are three very simple exercises that you can start integrating into your practice to stretch the top and bottom of your feet and then you can always do that little massage to get into the sides as well thank you so much for watching please subscribe to my channel.

Yoga for Weightlifters, Powerlifters, Bodybuilding, Training

Hi everyone welcome to my channel my name is Kassandra and today’s thirtyminute class designed specifically for weight lifters so we’ll be trying to target the hips and chest mostly starting out in child’s pose. Let’s bring our big toes to touch. knees about shoulder width distance apart walking your palms out in front of you so you can relax your head and chest down onto the ground so if your forehead doesn’t quite make it down onto the mat you can always slide a block underneath here and if there’s any pain or tension through the lower back you can always.

Bring your knees a little bit closer toward each other shrugging shoulder blades down your back keep the neck long and start to take long deep belly breaths allowing the hips to sink down towards the heels relaxing the jaw, neck, shoulders let’s take three more breaths right here and creating space at the back of the heart and allowing your upper body to be heavy let’s walk our palms back in make your way into a tabletop pose palms underneath your shoulders knees underneath your hips and take a few.

Rounds of cat and cow so on an inhale drop the belly lift the gaze and as you exhale your spine bringing chin to chest try to keep your elbows straight here take a few more rounds follow the rhythm of your own breath and just try to get the motion to come through your shoulder blades and upper body starting to warm up the spine keeping your fingertips spreading middle finger pointing towards the top to the mat take a few more rounds inhale look forward exhale round your spine.

Creates space between the shoulder blades and let’s find our high pushup position walking your feet back keep your shoulders over your wrists or maybe a couple inches past your wrists so that you’re really high on the balls of your feet tail bone lengthening towards your heels find your breath try not to hold your breath heart reaches forward on an exhale lower all the way down to your belly set your feet about hip with distance apart and interlace your fingers behind your lower back on an inhale chin and chest.

Lift up keep your legs and feet down on the mat for this first variation.Squeeze your shoulder blades behind your back really start to get into the chest and upper body back of the neck stays long. Exhale release it down will do a few more rounds just like that so still keeping our hips legs and feet down onto the mat on an inhale chin and chest rise up reach your knuckles towards your heels if you’d like to engage your legs go ahead and lift them up. if it’s too much for.

Your back to keep them down make sure you’re not holding your breath here squeeze your shoulder blades a little bit more and exhale set it down bring your palms underneath your shoulders and make your way into puppy pose so keep your hips over your knees and just walk up arms out in front you so you get a really deeper opening through the shoulders and chest here forehead relaxes down onto the mat same thing as before if your forehead doesn’t quite make it you can always lower down the block instead.

So you should be feeling a good opening to the pectorals here if you’d like to make this pose little bit deeper and going to the triceps press your palms together start to bend the elbows and bring your knuckles behind your head and you might need to walk your elbows out an inch or two in front of you here getting deeper into the shape keep your abdominals engaged so there’s no sway in your lower back try to melt your heart down towards the ground let’s bring our palms back down onto the mat.

And from here curl your toes under lift your hips up towards the sky find your first downward dog bend your knees as much as you need to here feet are hip width distance apart. palms are shoulder width distance apart fingertips spreading try to relax your neck as you curl your tailbone up towards the sky getting into the backs of the legs and then slowly step forward to the top of the mat take a forward fold bend your knees as much as you need to so instead of focusing on the hamstrings.

Here we’re going to lengthen the spine so let your head be heavy hold on to opposite elbows as you sway from side to side may be lifting all 10 toes off the mat to engage arches lifting your quads of your knees pulling up through the legs. bend your knees generously and slowly come all the way up to stand rolling one vertebrae at a time no rush here rolling shoulders down and away from the ears on an inhalable palms reach up, palms come to touch as you exhale fold.

Forward relax your neck halfway lift inhale exhale plant your palms find your high pushup pose heart reaches forward one breath here exhale lower all the way down onto your belly find your Cobra on an inhale palms stay down chin and chest lift up keep your hips down onto the mat elbows hug in shoulders down and away from the ears and as you exhale lower your heart back down and find your way into downward dog right leg rises up towards the sky and inhale go ahead and bend your right knee.

Open up through your right hip try not to twist your upper body too much here let this be about your hips and legs only and with control step your right foot forward to the top in the mat and lower your back knee down find your low lunge making sure you’re right knee is not going past your right ankle both arms reach up starting to stretch into hip flexor,psoas, through your left leg think of pulling your upper body out of your waist here staying long through the spine breathing in and out through the nose.

Let’s come into a side bend bring your right hand on your waist and reach your left arm up and over getting even deeper through your left hip flexors and maybe getting a bit of a stretch to the left side of your ribs pull yourself back up the center drop your palms down onto the mat left your back the offer the ground answer to walk your palms over towards the left side if you’re not so that both feet are parallel towards the shortages your Mac tenure in a wide look at for which holds so now starting to get a.

Little bit more into the hamstrings and helps make sure your weight is evenly distributed and try to relax your upper body as much as you can let’s get into the shoulders by interlacing our fingers behind her lower back pain reaching your knuckles up and over you can always bend your knees a little bit here a wide in your stance whatever you need to do let’s bring our palms back down onto the mat halfway left on in here what your palms all the way back towards the front bending and shear right knee.

So that you’re finding your high lunch both arms reach up so you’re on your back tolls a few left but right knee is bent trying to get your right by parallel towards the ground seeking your hips down a little bit lower maintaining your left through the upper body let’s take a twist right arm goes back left arm goes forward try to keep your shoulders over your hips year so you’re not leaning forward early evening back at you really need to use your core for this so you can hug your lower abdominals in pressing your palms down stay strong.

Through your back you really need to use your actors here to twist drop your left palm down onto the Mac right arm up in revealing into your left palm so you can roll right shoulder back take one more break here and then drop you’re right palm to the inside of your right leg to heal your right foot all the way over to the edge if you’re not to drop your back me down onto the mapped will come into lizard pose two skills really deep into the inner groin and.

Thigh highs so stay up onto your palms if you’d like to go deeper into it you can lower down onto your forearms at the floors too far away here you can always use a blocker to just focus on not using too much strength through your upper body so that you can really let your hips be happy it keeps squeezing your right knee in towards your bicep will stay here for another three to five paths soften the upper body a little bit more almost at the Palace if you’re on your farm state come back up onto your palms call you back cuz.

Under find your high push up holes take one deep breath here on the exhale oh you’re pushup all the way down to your belly finding your cobra pose once more inhale chin and chest licked up sheep your elbows bent shoulders relaxed hips are down onto the mapped exhale poll your heart for reading down and we find your way and downward facing dog crowing your toes under straightening the likes pressing your chest what’s your thought I is ready to go do the same sequence over on the second side.

So this time left like rises on inhaled venture let me in open up your left hip trying to twist your upper body so keep your left shoulder rolling down getting your lucky to be the highest point secular left foot forward to the top of the night and drop your backing down finding your lunch so let your hips Inc down low without letting your left he got past your ankle here both times are reaching up China not cost too much of a sway in your lower back so you need to engage your cum miles lightly squeezing your shoulder blades.

Behind your back that’s come into a side then left palm on your waist right arm reaches up and over getting deeper three right plexus make sure you’re still rolling your right shoulder down and away from the air here should be no tension through the neck both palms come back down onto the mat lift your back me of the ground and spin as you walk your palms over towards the right side if you’re not straightening through both legs and folding forward both feet parallel to the shortage in fear not.

And we’ll get deeper into the hamstrings and hits here as well sir to occupy homes over towards your right foot right leg holding on to whatever you can hear and the further forward you walk your left fingertips the deeper you’ll be able to get into the side body left side of your reps remember that you can always bend your knees if you need to trying not to lock the joints are hyperextended let’s switch sides start to walk your palms over towards your left foot holding on to whatever you can crawling you’re right fingertips forward as much.

As you can and even here just relax your chest down south in your neck let your head be heavy trying to hold those little tension as you can to the neck and shoulders let this be about your lower body only and then spin your left foot forward to the top of the map so that you can find your high lunch once more high in the ball if you’re back toes both arms reaching up hits are sinking down low as you bend into your left knee trying to get your left by parallel towards the ground let’s find out west.

Right arm forward left arm back sacking shoulders over hips look wherever is comfortable for your neck whatever helps you balance and really press your arms down engage your fingers sync your hips a little bit lower and then drop you’re right palm down onto the mat left arm rises up finding your twist leaning into your right hand as you roll your left shoulder back keep your back me back like lifted drop your left palm to the inside of your foot as you told you your foot all the way over towards the edge appear Matt.

Will find or lizard pose a drop your backing down onto the mat you either stay up onto your palms are maybe lower down launcher forms keep your left knee hugging in towards your left arm and we’re here for a gonna man it I’m getting really deep into the hips here and a crime use a block or two if you need to and as much as possible you’re only using your arms to support yourself not to hold yourself out at the polls are struggle against it try to get yourself as comfortable as you can hear so that you can hold it for.

528 breasts set to come back up onto your palms call you back to us under to look to your right knee find your high pressure polls on inhaled as you exhale or all the way down to your belly Cobra chin and chest left up other exhale lower down find your way into downward facing dog curling your toes under straightening your likes pressing chest what’s your thought is relaxing your neck look forward to the top for the map stepper help both feet in between your palms halfway left when you get there exhale fold.

Press to stand both arms reach up overhead palms come to top Shin as you exhale try your hands and towards the heart but sticker second flow from here inhalable arm’s reach up parts come to touch exhale hinge at the hips polled forward halfway left inhale and then exhale step both beat back lower your pushup all the way down inhaling to Cobra exhaled downward facing dog right like rises on an inhale and you’re right me open up your right hip once more trying to get your right need to be the highest point here.

And then step your right foot forward to the top in the matter spin your back heel parallel to the shortage appear not to find your were your two so you’re bending deeply into your right knee in pressing not right knee open externally rotating your right hip present to both feet both likes evenly shoulders they sacked over your hips extended side angle right forearm over your right I left arm reaches up and over trying to get one long diagonal line from your left fingertips all the way down into your left foot.

Look whatever works for your next year keep your head sinking down as low as you can come back up into were here too and then bring both elbows in front view bent on a 90degree angle from here swing you’re right arm underneath your left binding once or twice and as you inhale let your elbows up as high as you can and on the exhale start to fold forward as low as you can maintaining your warrior to like so you’re still bending and shear rate me and keeping your left leg straight so this gets really deep.

Into the hips if you can’t go down all the way that’s fine try to hold halfway creating space to the back of the shoulder blades release your arms drop your palms down onto the mat straight into both legs and find your white look at former at fault relax your upper body inhale halfway lipped walk your palms back to the top in the marked turn your right toes forward find your high lunch three legged dog right leg which is up in back once more a bend your right knee.

Open up your right hip and let’s minor wear your to again by eight foot forward back foot parallel to the shortage appear much both arms reach out shoulders over your hips let’s straighten I felt like finding your triangle pose hits go back chess comes forward drop your right palm alongside your shin left arm reaches up so don’t really worry about how far down your right palm is going here really all we’re trying to do is link then both sides apart kids staying long through the spine so there’s no contraction.

Or collapsing through the front body and it’s looking up doesn’t work for you just keep your head neutral bring your hand on your waist look down so that both palms can come down bending and shear rate me bring your palms down to the mat and find your pigeon pose so you want to get your right knee behind your right rest and Feb here you’re reaching your life like out behind you trying to sync your hit as low as you possibly can make sure your weight is evenly distributed here before you start to walk your palms out in front of.

You and fold forward so this does get really deep into the hips includes if at any point it’s too much just back out and take a few breaths on a scale one to 10 you wanna be at about a 45 there’s really no reason to go more here and so notice if you’re leaning on your right hip more than your left try to lay your upper body be relaxed so that gravity can pull your hips down a little bit lower who’ll take three to five more baths here.

Sector what your palms back in curl your back toes under make your way back into downward facing dog and do any luck miss you need to hear get the blood flowing again for that but like right hip and then we’ll do the second side left like rises coolheaded ensure left he open after that left hip and set your left foot forward to the top the matter spin your back right she’ll parallel to the shortage if you’re not finding your warrior to on the second side so the same you’re bending and shear left me in pressing your left eye open.

Sinking your hips a little bit deeper let’s come into extended side angle pose for me here left forearm over your left thigh right arm reaches up and over one night nice diagonal line from your right fingertips all the way down to your right foot so that you have your right bicep along your ear ships are still sinking down low sheik your legs exactly as they are and on inhaled just let your upper body back up from bending your elbows in five UN in 90 degree angle this time let’s bring her left arm underneath are right binding once or.

Twice as you inhale it shall possess hi in on the exhale fold forward to the inside of your likes so you’re still pending and you’re left me keeping your right leg straight pressing your forms together brining through the upper back make sure you’re still breathing here too deep breaths almost out of the polls unwind your arms straight through both legs both Peter turned in in just one year for at fault softening the neck inhale halfway left start to walk your palms back towards the top of the mount.

Find your three legged dog left like reaches up the Mac can go ahead and Ben jor left me open up your left hip well it’s coming to wear your to a second time left foot forward right foot parallel to the shortages appear not both arms reach out hips are sinking down low that’s fine or Chinalco straightening through your left leg hips go back just comes forward drop your left palm along like right arm reaches up towards the sky may be looking up but that’s comfortable for your neck.

And so you can hold on sure Shin here drop a poem on a block fingertips down onto the Mac to you can just press the outside of your power onto the inside of your shin using your abdominals to hold you up here rolling your right shoulder back 0 0 good bring your right hand on your waist look down as you bend your left need both hands come down and find your pigeon pose so this time you trying to bring your left me behind your left rest reaching your right leg back behind you leveling your hips as you fold.

Forward 0 so not leaning on one side more than the other 0 and it’s normal to have a site that’s a little bit tighter than the others so if that’s the case for you here on this left side instead of trying to force your body to be doing the exact same thing they did on the other side just modify and adapt however you need to so you can always use a block or two to make for a little bit closer towards you the man you’re using your arms for support.

But not struggle against the polls to try to let gravity do most of the work for you here I’ll well I’ll set to lift your head and chest back up and make your way into downward dog to any little if that’s what you need to hear that’s come down on 20s then come down on chair farms you want to be sure that you can hold onto opposite biceps and then set your palms and primes back down onto the not curl your toes back under and lift your hips up towards the sky coming into.

Dolphin pose so this is just like downward dog except you’re down on your forms keep pressing your chest what your thighs your head is our for the Mac to really engage your shoulders here in key chapter Baksh this is a pretty challenging pose a lower down as much as you need to if you do need to maybe walk your toes in a little bit more trying to straighten through the legs relaxing your neck 0 I’ll block your feet out behind you and find your form Pike so your heart reaches forward.

One long line from the crown of your head all the way towards your heels squeezing your thighs together high on the balls of your feet lower your hips down onto the mat walk your palms a couple inches in front of view and a stretch the front body coming into stinks polls little bit of a backbend here so let’s commit to a chest open there from here you’ll need to bring your left arm at a 90 degree angle and then start to roll lunch here left hip left shoulder keep your head down onto the mat and use your right hand to press.

Into the ground you might be used during the stretch against the wall so Saint everything you want to be getting an opening through the left side if you’re pictorials deep into the biceps and shoulder of and you can play with the angle of your elbow here so I like to keep my left arm bent at a 90 degree angle for some people will prefer to have their arm at straight I’ll just whatever gets you the deepest stretch seating getgo event opening for the front body in the chest.

I’ll good let’s go towards the second side straighten your legs roll over onto your belly and this time your right arm bands and a 90 degree angle role once you’re right hip right shoulder impress her left palm down into the matter so that you can twist a little bit deeper and starting to unwind from our pact is so slow down your breath the the well 0 press yourself up into a comfortable seated pose will finish with a few seeded Hip Hop Honors so bring the soles of the feet to touch he’s fall apart.

Coming into a butterfly shape setting up nascent all here I’ll let’s come into a forward fault relaxing your shoulders down and away from the ears lengthen your spine set to walk it comes out in front of you and just stopped in the upper body the the tendency not pose like this is to use our clients intense them up so that the knees stay higherups to see if you can relax relax like gravity pull your knees down gently you can always wide in the space between your heels in your head.

So you can use a couple blocks to support your forehead if you need to just take five deep belly breast 0 the mood that’s come out at the polls blocking your palms back in slowly letting your about me and then go ahead and lie all the way down on chair back of trying your right knee in toward your chest keep your left leg extended pressing your left heel down into the Mac getting into a hip flexor is one last time 0 may be doing if you can call roles with your bike cuts.

Any little as you need to do here 0 let’s switch sides bring your left knee and straighten your right leg down on the ground be doing a few ankle rules on the side and I’ll of what Street both likes down onto the mat take up as much space as you’re comfortable taking coming into our corpse pose final resting polls while palms facing up towards the sky and maybe allow your eyes close such slow down your breath the new and just give your body the opportunity to integrate.

Yoga for Wrist Pain Simple Stretches

Hi everyone welcome to my channel, my name is kassandra and todays class will be looking at how to alleviate wrist pain so wrist pain can eb fairly common in yoga especially if you’re doing a lot of downward dogs and a lot of arm balances. But there are a few exercises and things you can keep in mind to alleviate some of that pain and tension. so let’s say youre in a table top pose, bringing your palms underneath your shoulders and your knees under your hips. So in a pose like this you’ll want to make sure that your fingertips.

Are spreading and middle finger is pointing towards the top of the mat. and we are often on our palms like this and what tends to happen is that we let all of the weight sink in to the palm of our hand and into the wrist and we let the fingers come light. See if you can shift the weight into your fingers and knuckles and just work at gently lifting the palms of your hands, gently lifting the wrists off of the mat. And you’ll see that that action alone helps stregnthen the muscles through the forearms,.

Through the hands and through the wrists. and it can be a little bit difficult to feel out at first you almost want to pretend like your palm is a succion cup. that’s lifitng up and that’s the kind of feeling you want to carry on with you even when you’re in a pose like downward dog where there’s a lot more pressure on the palms. so always try to remind yourself, more pressure into the fingers and knuckles, a little lighter on the wrists. And now that you have that down and you work at carrying it through during.

Your regular practice you can work at stretching the wrists a little bit more to relieve any tension that you might have accumulated. so we’ll start with our first one lets bring our right palm out, flex your fingers towards you keep them spreading and hold on to the pinky finger. Take one deep breath in and as you exhale draw that finger back. Make sure that the other fingers are still spreading really wide and staying straight. Do one breath per finger moving through ring finger inhale, exhale to draw it back. middle finger hold onto it inhale, exhale pull it back gently.

And you should feel a really good stretch here. lets do index, inhale, exhale press it back. And then for the thumb what you want to do is press the outside of both palms together and then grab a hold of your thumb and instead of pulling it towards you you’re mostly opening it up towards the side and that should feel really nice here as well. and lets just shake it out same thing on the second side. one breath per finger inhale to grab, exhale to lightly pull it back. try to keep your fingers straight and expanding. at the thumb, palms.

Are pressed together, hold onto your thumb and draw it back. and release shake it out. lets come back to our table top pose there are a few stretches you can do from here as well. so with your palms underneath your wrist start by turning your fingers out, fingers pointing towards the short edges of your mat and this might be more than enough for you if you’d like to take it deeper flip them the entire way. fingertips are pointing towards your knees. you might need to adjust here if you’re already feeling like this stretch is way too.

Much, walk your palms in a little bit to relieve pressure. alternatively if you want to go deeper you walk your palms out in front. so the further your wrists are from your shoulders the deeper this is going to be. so for this first one lets keep our palms down onto the mat, roll shoulders down and away from the ears and just take a few deep breaths into this sensation. you might notice that one forearm is a little tighter than the other, i normally find that my dominant hand is a little tighter. and now staying as you are.

Start to lift the palms of your hands off of the mat and keep your fingers and knuckles down onto the ground and thats a really really nice stretch i find. hold for a few more breaths. try not to let your neck and shoulders pick up any tension, keep them soft. and gently release it. roll the wrists a few times and lets do our last one. so this time your bringing your palms face down onto the mat and same thing, palms stay down onto the earth, start to draw it back. and you might not be able to go very far with this one, you dont need.

To do much to get a good sensation. and release. roll your wrists a couple of times. and that’s it, those are your simple movements to alleviate any wrist pain, just remember that the most important thing isnt to learn how to properly stretch your wrists after the fact. It’s to learn how to do your practice in a way that really sustains joint health. So remember that whenever your palms are down onto the mat, youre putting more weight into your fingers and knuckles, less weight into the wrists and if you really need to at any.

Hip Exercises Before Your Joint Replacement Surgery

Hello, my name is Megan McCormick a physical therapist from BarnesJewish Hospital. Today I will go through your required exercises needed before and after your hip replacement surgery. Having the best strength for your new joint begins now. I encourage you to pause the tutorial when needed and practice each exercise individually. In addition, please remember to consult your physician before starting this exercise program. Today we have one of our former patients who will demonstrate the exercises. Hello, my name is Chris Simons. I am 48 years old currently I am 26 weeks postsurgery and credit my successful recovery.

To not only the care I received from my Washington University orthopedic physician, but the vigorous rehab schedule that I followed. Do each exercise 10 times, twice a day. If any exercise is painful, don’t do it. Exercise may be hard, but it should not be painful. We will now be demonstrating chair pushups. Sit on the edge of a firm, solid chair that has sturdy armrests. Extend your legs so that there is a slight bend in your outstretched legs. Place your hands on armrests so that there is bend in your elbows. Slowly lift your bottom from the seat using.

Only your arms while straightening your elbows and pushing the shoulders down. Do not stand up. Only lift your bottom from the seat. Slowly lower yourself back down to the starting position. We will now demonstrate bridging or a buttock raise. Lie on your back with both knees bent and feet flat on the surface. Gently squeeze your buttocks together and lift your buttocks off the surface. Hold for 5 seconds then slowly lower to the starting position. Please note that hamstring cramps can occur if done incorrectly. We will now be demonstrating standing hip extension or leg back kicks.

Stand so the front of your body is facing the back of a chair. Hold onto the chair to steady you. Keep your upper body and pelvis still. Gently move your surgical leg backward. Do not bend at the waist or lean sideways. Remember to do 10 repetitions of each exercise two times a day. We will now be demonstrating hip abduction or leg side kicks. Stand with your surgical leg away from the back of the chair. Hold onto the chair to steady you. Keep your upper body and pelvis still.

Gently move your surgical leg out to the side. Do not bend at your waist or lean sideways. Remember to do each exercise 10 repetitions two times a day. BarnesJewish Hospital and Washington University Physicians are your partners in your journey to lead you back to a healthier lifestyle with your new joint. If at any time you have questions, please visit BarnesJewish or contact your orthopedic surgeon’s office. In addition, I want to thank Mr. Simons for helping us demonstrate these exercises. Thank you and remember having the best strength for your new joint begins before your surgery.

Proven Natural Therapies For Low Back Disk Herniation surgery is last resort

Proven Natural Therapies For Low Back Disk Herniation surgery is last resort By Dr. James Meschino, DC, MS, ND Welcome to the Nutrition Research Update from the Renaisante Institute of Integrative Medicine. I am Dr. James Meschino. Our topic today is Low Back Disk Herniation. So with Low Back Disk Herniation there are symptoms that can be you know very mild to very severe such is not only back pain but also pain in the buttocks, pain down in the back of the thigh, pain reaches at knees than it becomes a more.

Serious situation of the pain goes below the knee this is when you start to release suspect there may be some Herniation going onto that’s a possibility. It can also go down to the foot not only can have pain you can have Tingling, numbness, some significant Muscle weakness, upon neurological examination some reflex changes that doctor might find. So the symptoms can be quite mild to very incapacitating actually but you have to differentiate between a disc herination and disk protrusion. So the disk herination is also known as prolapsed disk.

Or ruptured disk that’s different than disc protrusion where the disk is bulging which is less serious. Here’s how the disk is put together. In around the outer fibrous of the disk fibrous rings and in the center of the disk like a jello type of material that’s very gelatin like and so the fibrous rings around the gelatin and in the center keep the gelatin in place and the gelatin work as a shock absorbing component of the disk. When you have a herination you actually have tears in the fibrous tissues.

And the gelatin sort of works its way through those tears and will actually bulge beyond that the outer borders of the fibrous rings and usually that happens in the backwards and sort of side direction which puts pressure on the spinal nerves where actually in the spinal canal and that neve pressure can create a lot of pain and some really debilitating symptoms. So lot of such pain is coming from direct pressure on the nerves by the gelatin it’s escape through the tears and in the spinal disk in a disk herination.

Now disk herination normally a further development of what was disc protrusion so disk protrusion and disk bulge is sort of the thing that most people have it can lead up to a herination if it’s not manage properly. So what’s a disk protrusion That’s what the outermost fibres of the of the fibrous ring are still intact but the bulge a little and they put a little bit of pressure on the spinal nerves are creates an inflammatory process but the gelatin in the center is not actually escaping and actually rupturing through the outer fibers.

Of the fibrous rings. So a bulge is less serious than a true herination or ruptured prolapsed disk. So what is important to know is certain things that you do in your life can actually put more pressure on the disk and increase the likelihood you goona forced tears in the outer ring and cause the gelatin material to actually force its way through those tears and create a herination. So long periods of sitting are linked with more disk pressure. When you are bending forward to put more pressure on the.

Disk compared to leaning backwards and a lot of occupations are recreational activities with repetitive bending like shovelling, gardening, many other occupational activities were you’re bending into coming back up, the bending your coming back up repeated pressure on the disk can create a tears over a period of time bulges in the disk and may set the stage for some of that the gel material to escape and create a disk herination. Sitting and leaning forward puts a lot of pressure on the disk this may cause of bulging disk to weak further. The.

Good news is that conservative treatment for disk protrusion is highly effective in fact studies show that chiropractic treatments extremely effective for disk protrusion where you have just the bulge of the disk try to correct that’s and doesn’t become a more serious problem down the road. Some chiropractors will recommend traction, decompression, exercise therapy or softtissue treatment all these things work synergistically to produce a very good outcome. With this disk herination sometimes it heals and sometimes it so severe actually requires surgery. Now many minor herination actually heal just in a number of weeks with.

Bed rest and conservative treatment and most of the pain in a disk herination in the beginning are really coming from the release of inflammatory chemicals but when you have severe herination with the gelatin material escape quite significantly it’s a lot of pressure on the spinal nerves you can have really incapacitating pain which may in fact require surgery and when the pain as below the knee and there’s weakness of the muscles and reflex changes occurring when the doctor does the exam and it’s very severe incapacitating these are the types of herination.

Usually require more need of attention. Now most low back pain actually doesn’t come from disk herination. Most of the back pain that we have to garden variety back pain that we feel usually these joints of the spine are actually misaligned or locked together. These are called the facets and they sort of jam and the irritate s nerve muscle tension around the contractures and there may be some minor disk protrusion associated with that and that’s the good news because that can be treated highly effectively with conservative management chiropractors experts are treating that type of problem.

Some low back pain sometimes just cause from spasm and irritation. Sometimes with the imperfect joints meet the spine these are called the sacroiliac joints. They can shift because nerve irritation. They can look a lot like symptoms you get in a disk herination but it’s actually coming from the sacroiliac joints. Chiropractors are experts at identifying that and the truth is the chiropractic treatment has been proven to be in clinical studies the most effective treatment for treating these common low back problems including disk protrusion and disk bulge. Facet and spasm problems are usually caused.

By repetitive lifting or twisting motions repetitive activities are even from a specific type of trauma or sports injury and sometimes from just unknown causes but again chiropractic care is the best suited treatment for getting people out of pain quickly back to their the normal occupation now just covering up symptoms with drugs mask the pain but correcting the underlying problem that’s really what you want. Now in terms of disk herination in the aging process is interesting to know that most serious disk herination in people who are in the 30 40. As time goes on beyond that point the gelatin material inside this.

Tends to dry out and hardened and so there’s not much arrested that gelatin can escape increase a true disk rupture. So as we get older disk herinations are reducing in people’s 50 and 60 a lot of low back pain becomes due to arthritic changes in the spine osteoarthritis and degenerated disk disease and even at the condition called spinal stenosis. They can also produce some low back pain, leg pain and so it takes to the right diagnosis to differentiate the type of back pain or actually getting. If you can see the signs and symptoms.

Of disk herination there may be a little no pain of just the out of fibers are slightly bulges or can be really severe and incapacitating if you have a really frank herination you have the symptoms into the leg with reflex changes and at weakness and again other symptoms can include numbness, tingling, you know paralysis these are the sort of strange sensation like needles and pain someone touches your skin and other sort of neurological symptoms. Typically with the disk herination it’s only been effect one side you are not going to feel it on both.

Legs usually you feel on one buttock, one thigh, one le down to one foot and really nonsurgical methods of treatment are usually attempted first surgery is usually the last resort. Lot of medical doctors will prescribe pain medication in the early stages just relive with the acute pain try with the disk heal with some conservative treatment but we’re seeing is no evidence that inflammatory chemicals that are released during a disk herination are largely responsible for a lot of the pain and so rather than the pain being only due.

To pressure on the nerve sometimes just the disk bulge and the facet irritation and the muscle spasm are actually releasing chemicals that produce an inflammatory response and that gives rise to pain. Infact evidence that a particular type of chemicals released called Tumor Necrosis Factoralpha we just call it TNF. TNF is released not only by a herniated spinal disk but also in a disk protrusion small amount of bulging with the facet joints become irritated and a spinal stenosis we see that you can start to get this type of.

Chemical being released. So with the good news is that there are a certain types of dietary and supplementation practices that can go a long way to helping to reverse that and get you back in a situation where you can suppress that inflammatory chemical. So what’s a really matters in the ends it you get the right diagnosis. So the diagnosis of back pain requires the proper physical examination. This is a certain battery of tests they can determine disk protrusion from disk herination from sacroiliac from facet irritation from the muscle spasm and chiropractors spent four years just studying that so they.

Are well equipped to do that assessment and highly trained in this area. They may require some imaging like xrays, CAT scans, may be an MRI for sometimes necessary to get a good look at the disk and even nerve conduction studies can tell the practitioner lot about how the nerves are behaving but addition to all that neurological orthopedic stuff that goes on in the diagnosis and the types of treatment that are available conservative management chiropractic care the nutrition and supplementation support is emerging to be very important in the long term management of these problems.

So we are seeing certain types of nutritional support and supplements can help to support the spinal disk and suppressed inflammatory process. What are those things After age 40 everyone should take supplement with the contains glucosamine with three antiinflammatory herbs MSM, Quercetin and Bromelain helps not only support the destruction so it doesn’t generate so quickly but also helps to suppress inflammatory chemicals that normally get released in the aging process. When we do have an inflammatory flare use their natural antiinflammatory herbs that can suppress to release of TNF remember I told you that when you have back.

Problems Tumor Necrosis Factoralpha secreted it produces a lot of the inflammatory and pain generating pathways. It can be suppressed with certain natural inflammatory herbs like Curcumin, Boswellia, White willow bark extract and ginger in a combination supplement. That way you don’t have to use as much aspirin ibuprofen things that will damage your stomach and kidney and liver and actually hasten more cardiac degeneration. Using the right combination of essential facts a lot of people take essential oils. You know evening primrose, salmon oil, flaxseed oil but the best combination is actually fish oil with flaxseed oil and borage seed.

Oil to produce these antiinflammatory process and this improvement also suppressed inflammatory process and to make all of that work really well and to support the spinal disk and muscles and connective tissue you need high potency multiple vitamin and you need to be on an anti inflammatory diet. Now some other measures that are useful the right exercise program for strength training, right flexibility program possibly massage therapy and other things too release some of the muscle tissue sometimes electoral acupuncture is highly beneficial interrupting the painspasm nerve cycle. So you’re chiropractor main recommend some traction.

Or decompression maybe some massage therapy, may be some electro acupuncture, they should the probably design an exercise program in conjunction with the appropriate treatment that’s being rendered in their office. Now because the nutrition supplementation aspect of it is the part that’s not largely no in the text below you will see the exact diet in supplementation program to help suppress spinal inflammation and support the structural components of the spinal disk. They’ll help to prevent disk degeneration as you get older and support the integrity of the spinal disk over a lifetime and again if you have problems.

Peripehral Neuropathy Painful Legs and Feet Pain Reduced DavisSpineInstitute

When you originally presented to the office you presented very very intense peripheral neuropathy pain over your knee, lower legs, and feet. We’ve been managing you here for a good six weeks on the peripheral neuropathy based program. How have you been responding to the program, and what’s been your experiences today When I first started it took a while before I was able to say that and feel an improvement in my problem. Particularly on the bottom of my feet, the sensory part. I could feel the difference between tile and.

Wood floor, the coldness of each and the carpet. Before I started the program I hardly could feel the difference between those items. The discoloration of the neuropathy on my legs is a great improvement and I’m very pleased with that. It does not, particularly on my right leg, it does not weep water anymore, the skin does not break, and that is a great improvement as far as I’m concerned. On my knees there is some swelling going on on my right knee, there is improvement on the inside of my knee. The outside is still a little.

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