What Can I Do For My Sciatica

Hey there everyone this is Dr. Matt Kreinheder from Unwind Chiropractic here in Rochester, NY. What I’m talking to you about today is Sciatica. Now if you have sciatica, I understand its completely uncomfortable. Whether you are getting the pain, numbness, tingling, pins and needles, any of these things are not fun. Whether its keeping you from playing with your grandkids, or exercising, or gardening or whatever it is that makes an impact on your life. I really want to help you out so you can get back to doing the things that you love to do in your life and you’re not.

Feeling debilitated anymore. There are a number of different reasons that sciatica can come on. It can come from muscles, it can come from misalignments in the spine. Really the most important thing to me is to look at the nervous system. The nervous system is the master control system for the entire body. So its what is telling the muscles, the bones, the connective tissues, all of these things in your body, its telling those things what to do. So if we can make an intervention at the level of the nervous system and get these patterns of stress and tension that.

Are hanging out there to calm down and get your nervous system to relax a couple of things are going to happen. First of all your body is going to have a much easier chance to heal, a much better chance to heal. Secondly its going to reduce the amount of pulling happening on that sciatic nerve and give it a chance to calm down. When we make an intervention at the nervous system level you’re much more ready to heal. The system I use in my office is called Network Spinal Analysis and its a really light touch.

What Can I Do About My Sciatica Rochester, NY

System so there is no cracking and popping of the joints. A lot of time people with sciatica are really happy about that because it can be tender. So, as I mentioned before sciatica is something I’ve helped a lot of people in my office with and if you’d like some help with it I would be more than happy to offer it to you. If you hang out until the end of the tutorial I’m going to tell you how you can get a coupon for half off of your initial visit. Thanks for watching this tutorial, I look forward to.

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