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what’s up, everyone? Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I am Adriene and today we have runner’s yoga. This is an awesome sequence for anyone who runs, jogs, walks fiercely. This pose is going to provide a lot of release.

And help you find what feels good. Let’s get started. (inspiring music) Okie doke, today we’re going to begin in a nice comfortable seat, crossed at the ankles, here. Take a second to get settled in.

Sit up nice and tall. Find any movement here, a little sway back and forth, that feels good, maybe letting go of the day thus far (heavy breathing) and beginning to notice your breath.

I think this is an important moment of the day and of your practice, just allowing, key word, allowing. Just giving yourself an opportunity to drop in, tun in, get settled in and it’s a little different each day, right? The image here is like taking some chalk in the hands.

Or some chalk and throwing it up in the air and watching the dust settle here. That’s for you sporty folks. If you’re not a sporty folk, you can imagine glitter being thrown up in the air. Just the idea that it takes some time.

As it drifts back and forth and down to the present moment. Just give yourself that practice of allowing the dust to settle and just noticing where you are today. I know this can be tough because we have ohso little time in our busy lives, but that’s what.

The yoga practice is all about. That’s why this tutorial isn’t called runner’s stretching, you know, stretching for the legs. We’re thinking full picture. Long lasting love with the mind and body. Here we go.

(heavy breathing) You might notice if you’re agitated today or you’re really tight, so I encourage you to find soft movement and that goes throughout today’s practice. Begin to deepen your breath if you haven’t already. Maybe checking in with some circles with the nose.

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